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  • October 17, 2012 Barking Dog Power Rankings

    Thumbnail image for Barking Dog.gifThe Rankings are back and wow are they arbitrary!

    1) Plastered (6) – The Mueller Mencarinis are in charge and be sure to stay clear of Judy with your back turned!

    2) B.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.M.!!!!!!!!!!! (7) – Sharon and Suzanne holding it down, coupled with a Lindsey board win takes them to 2. 

    3) Multiple Juicegasms (5) – Chiller and Weiner, tcob.

    4) Bottom of the Fifths (13) – Great showing all around, though they were left out a bit of slap cup, so they just slapped each other.

    5) Adventure Time with Stopher’s Beard (2) – Albers and Aryan, they’re back.

    6) Tyler Perry Presents: The Hobos (3) – Rashard needs some googles.

    7) James Lauer and his Seamen (4) – James and Pete stayed, James Iced himself.

    8) Jesus Christ Superstar (14) – Flanders chilling through the day.

    9) Gluckzilla and the Aging Villagers (1) – Not the usual numbers, but still a great showing.

    10) Orange Mocha Frapacino Grande (9) –Great showing in Survivor.

    11) Grass Kickers V: Sons of Pitches (8) – The Jessicas get the job done.

    12) Kiss My Booty (12) –Chip was there but damn that dude needs some teammate assistance.

    13) Team Lightning (10) – Eh…could have been better.

    14) Suffering from Whiskey Kick (11) – Nothing, Nathan, nada.