the director's cut
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  • July 16, 2013 Maggie's Power Rankings

    Maggies-Logo.jpg It's the broken shot glass addition, now with more dexterity.

    1) We Go Down for Third Base (4) - There were so many!  Plus they get points for Ernie and Norman showing up.

    2) Swingers (6) - Let's all take a breather while T-Payne collects himself...

    3) The Humpires (3) - Swept quarters, plus points for Fancy Jason.

    4) Slider Under the Table (2) - There were two, neither dressed like the other.

    7) 2Style 2Points (5) - Alex got muddy feet, and well that just ruined his night.

    7) Thunder Buddies (1) - And back to worst from

    7)  Ball Whackers (7) - There was blue at the bar, just not this blue.