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  • October 21, 2013 Barking Dog Power Rankings

    Barking Dog.gif We're back and more aribitrary than ever, except when we're not.

    1) Kicker Bees (2) - It's Charlie's great pumpkin!

    2) Bad News Beers (12) - Von Hayes and Grubaaaaaaaaaaaaay are back!

    3) Hobo Twerk Team (3) - We will, we will, we will twerk you.

    4) Jesus Christ Superstar (6) - Flanders, Flanders, Flanders.

    5) May the Juice! Be with You (4) - Chris H dressed like Josh W, oh the funny.

    6) Crotch Party in Stopher’s Beard: A New Beginning (1) - David and Albers doing what David and Albers do.

    7)#Booty (11) - Strong showing by the hashtags.

    8) B.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.M.!!!!!!!! (5) - ERNIE!

    9) The Pickle Factory (7) - It took a while but our king got his groove back eventually.

    10) Mustache Riders (14) - Good showing.

    11) Grass Kickers VII: Kiss my Grasshole (8) - Shaun Miles, I say thank you!

    12) Team Lightning (10) - Sneakily hanging out downstairs all day.

    14) OMFGold (14) - I assume they had some inner team battle during the skins bears game and someone may have gotten body slammed.

    14) Happy Lauer Kickball Team (9) - Apparently when someone gets on a boat the whole team goes to the harbor to send them off by waving like it's the 1920s.