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  • June 3, 2014 Barking Dog Power Rankings

    BD logo.png Sometimes later is better than never.  To the arbitrary silliness!

    1) Perpetual Scoregasms (6) - Everyone but Chiller is counted here and he knows why.

    2) Juice (5) - Judy has a very nice smile.

    3) Stopher's Beard is Dark and Full of Terrors (1) - Marty buys me mouth and throat terror.

    4) James Lauer and the Giant Pickle (2) - Kat wears all the shirts, all of them!

    5) Hobo 14: The Legend of Robino (4) - It tastes like gasoline fire.

    6) Grass Kickers (11) - So much Grass kicking...

    7) Keep Calm and Do Work! (9) - Beer, just like mom used to make...I heard this a lot.

    8) BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! (3) - Potato Salad and her best friend, that hand of hers, just going places...

    9) Hump Day Camels (8) - Hey Mike, it's power rankings.

    10) Kicking Booty (10) - Small booty contingent, we demand more booty.

    11) WDGA (11) & 4th Base Syndrome (7)  - Not quite last this week, congrats!

    12) Chiller - Because he was all snarky about the power rankings, and this seemed like a good idea last wednesday night!