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  • June 6, 2014 Barking Dog Power Rankings

    Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for BD logo.png Movement, we've got movement in the rankings!!!

    1) Hobo 14: The Legend of Robino (5) - COOKIE CAKE for Robino, Rashard and the Garrrrr Bear.

    2) BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! (8)- Annie's going to Brasil!  

    3) Hump Day Camels (9) - Dickson, happy now bud?

    4) Stopher's Beard is Dark and Full of Terrors (3) - Holloman is the best at everything, know this.

    5) Kicking Booty (10) - They won team Flip Cup, I just don't have words for this.

    6) Perpetual Scoregasms (1) - Weiner is very demanding of things. DEMANDING!

    7) 4th Base Syndrome (11) - KT took many photos, I appreciate that!

    8) Keep Calm and Do Work! (7) - Beer, just like mom used to make...I heard this a lot.

    9) James Lauer and the Giant Pickle (4) - Kat has to go to the bathroom and Matty BooBoo is tired.

    10) Juice (5) - Jason was there, HOORAY Jason.

    11) Grass Kickers (6) - There was a Grass Kicker present, I know this, he's an accomplished photobomber!

    12) WDGA (11) - Well someone has to get the NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!