barking dog power rankings
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  • September 24, 2015 Barking Dog Power Rankings

    Barking Dog.gif With Week 1 in the books, let's see how you did bar wise...

    1) 50 Shades of James (NR) - So many Lauers...they were everywhere...

    2) Book Hobo, Verse Etienne: Thou Shalt Blue Moon (NR) - It's a Flip Cup Sweep!

    3) Chilled Juice (NR) - Happy Birthday Chiller!!!

    4) The BlueBallbarians (NR) - Look at all those Bobbies, what site!

    5) Draggin BallZ (NR) - Beer pong, they're good at that.

    6) Pickle Me Elmo (NR) - Matt has so many t-shirts, what's the deal with that?


    8) Repeat Booty (NR) - Chip's got it going on.

    9) Grass Kickers 10: Green is the New Black (NR) - Look at the ladies carrying the load!

    10) Kicknado 2: The Second Squad (NR) - A good turnout but they left so damn early.

    11) Say comes the Kick (NR) - It's Wedding Season!