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Happy Hour Bowling League Rules (PDF)

GAME EQUIPMENT All bowling equipment (bowling balls, bowling alley shoes) will be provided by Strike Bethesda. The cost of rentals for each of these items is included in your registration fees (you will not have to pay to rent shoes on game nights). Please note that if you already own your own bowling ball and / or bowling-legal shoes, you may bring them to the alley.

UNIFORM Happy Hour Bowling does not have a set uniform. While Happy Hour Bowling does not provide uniforms, it is encouraged that each team try and coordinate their outfits for fun. Clothing must meet the minimum requirements set forth by Strike Bethesda for entering their premises.

TEAMS Teams consist of 4 6 players with no gender breakdown requirements. Rosters shall be submitted on the date of registration and shall be distributed each week to ensure that all players are registered with Happy Hour Bowling.

REGISTRATION All payments shall be made prior to the season commencing at the registration event on Thursday, January 218, 2010. Each player shall pay the $152 registration cost for the seven week season. Teams can pay as individuals or as a team. All checks shall be made out to Left Field Sports, Inc.

BEGINNING OF GAME All teams must clearly specify which order the team members are bowling in. The order must stay the same for both games played that night.

GAME PLAY All Happy Hour Bowling events last for two hours, from 7:30pm 9:30pm.

In that time you can complete as many games as you can but only complete game scores will count. As such, if your team should finish two games, you have the option of choosing your highest score. If your team is unable to complete two total games, the score from the complete game will be used for scoring purposes.

Each team shall bowl with only 4 people per night, but substitutions are allowed. See the "Players" Rule below.

Please note that you may not mix and match individual scores from two different games. So if your team chooses game 1 as the score to go by, no matter how little you may have contributed to the total, that's your score for the night. After each game, please record your score on the provided score sheet. After the two hour bowling period has elapsed, please take your score sheet to Chris B (aka Happy Hour Bowling Guy) for tabulation.

The team with the highest total score will be the winner of that night's match.

SCORING Of your scores accumulated, only the top three scores are counted to determine your final score for that game. Your lowest score will not be counted in recognition that not everyone is a skilled bowler and that this is at its core a social game.

PLAYERS If you have more than 4 people, you can designate two people to bowl in 1 position on the score sheet. If two people bowl for 1 position, they must be the same gender. Ex.: 2 females can bowl 10 frames and alternate for one of the female positions or 2 males can bowl 10 frames for one of the male positions.

Should your team have more than 4 people, the extra players may bowl with the 4, however their scores will not count towards the evenings total.

*Note: If you plan to have your additional teammates bowl with your starting four, this must be discussed with the opposing team and the four bowlers whose score will count will be decided before the beginning of the first game.

Players are not required to play in both games if they do not feel like it, but should they leave the name must remain the same on the score sheet for both games.

*Note: Should your team have too many people show up and the team you are playing is short, your extra teammate can bowl with your opponent, but their score will not count. This just ensures everyone gets the most bowling fun possible.

SUBSTITUTIONS Substitutions are allowed on a weekly basis if a teammate is out of town, or indisposed. If you are planning to play with a substitute(s) you must make this aware to Chris B as well as the opposing team.

*Note: Substitute players are allowed because each registered player has paid to play each week and to force a team to play down would be a dick move. However, if a substitute player bowls for a registered play who does show up, the rule concerning Unregistered Players (see below) will be enforced.

UNREGISTERED PLAYERS Should an individual bowl on your team who is not registered with Happy Hour Bowling, the following shall occur:

  1. Their score shall not count, and
  2. Your team shall be fined $15 for the infraction.

NAME Happy Hour Bowling requires that you bowl with the same name for each game. This name does not have to be your legal name, in fact it is encouraged that you be creative, however you must keep the same name for both games for consistency and scoring purposes. An example would be if Mike Townsend chose to go by "Budweiser Mike."

POINTS For Happy Hour Bowling Scoring Purposes: Points are distributed as such: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

The team with the most points will receive the #1 seed in the playoffs, and every team thereafter is slotted accordingly.

PLAYOFFS Playoffs will occur the last week of the season, how they are set up is to be determined, but we will have them!

AWARDS At the conclusion of the season, the male and female with the highest and lowest pin total will receive an award. Also, the male and female with the highest average and the male and the female with the lowest average will win an award. Finally, the team that wins the playoffs will receive a trophy and the team that finishes in last place will win a trophy as well.

FORFEITS Don't happen, if only one of you shows up (and substitutes can not be found), you play it out!